But the ginger is still the old spicy, even though Frye repeatedly used God to fight to show their excellent athletic ability and flexibility, Crosby, Malkin, Stahl and Hosa struggling, penguins or lost to the red wing, Defeated in the finals Rob Scuderi Jersey. I was the most impressed by the penguin that year was the only 24-year-old Frye sitting on the penguin's bench, helmets, gloves and protective gear are not picking his head, it seems silent tears. But the next season, his team and he will revenge in Detroit. The next season Penguin continued to believe that Fleetware was capable of starting the goalkeeper's position Kevin Porter Jersey, and Frye's answer was to win 39 games in the regular season of 2013-14 and get 91.5% of the fight rate. In the playoffs, although the penguins are still not far away, but Frye with his cheerful positive character and teammates and coaches who help finally come out of a nightmare, registered 91.5% of the fighting rate. Although penguins always score the leading rangers 3-1 but the penguins are still lost to the New York Rangers Jayson Megna Jersey. Frye really wake up from his playoff nightmare and wait until 2014-15 season. An NHL observer commented in February: "His shot was too hard for the college league, and in addition to his tough style of play, his defense was improving in the third and fourth season Mike Condon Jersey. As the top scoring defender played 35 games, for the Ohio state contributed 4 goals, 21 assists, plot 25 points performance. Looking at all the 133 games played by Ohio for the Ohio state, he saved a total of 212 minutes of penalties, and the data also led the team in the past two seasons.