In contrast, the team, the team in the day before the game against the blue team suffered 0: 1 finished, the game team face the dead is bound to fight. On the offensive end, the team is the best of the two groups of two strikers, Sean - Ketuerui past seven games have 2 goals 5 assists, Braden - Shane also has 3 goals 3 assists, captain Crow De Girov led a group of 1 goals and 5 assists Dylan Mcilrath Jersey, but in addition to them, the team several other general performance is not ideal, Wayne - Simmons and Yakubu - Vorasek over the past 7 games Are only 1 goals recorded. The back of the kings began to storm, a group of Jarum - Yijin La in front of the cavalry team, but the big pressure on their defense after the flaws Cam Talbot Jersey, the first 18 minutes Grabner once again get a single opportunity, but he fake After the action of the backhand shot by Quaker struggling to resolve. The first quarter began only 1 minute, the Kings fought a fatal error, Andrei Ave rode cavalry teenager Pavel - Bushniewicz foul Mike Richter Jersey, give the rider 4 minutes to play less, just 4 seconds After the rush cavalry team to expand the score, the ball came down, the captain Ryan - McDonnell in the blue line near the adjustment after a bit to play the door, in the distance Mika - Zebina Jade relay, the ball after refraction Through the king defender Drew - Dodi legs, Quaker's sight by Dodi's block, at the last moment failed to seal the gap between the legs, 2: 0 Rangers and then the next city Eric Staal Jersey.