In the 2006-07 season, with the Russian Titans Ye Pu Gui - Malkin and Stahl family brother Jordan - Stahl joined, penguin finally took the right track, and scored the playoffs. The penguin that season, although the defense is very empty, but Frye Rui as the first goalkeeper penguin, Kazuo when the Guan Wanfu Mo open, in this one attacking the team played a defense and got 40 wins, for the year Only 22 years old, he is simply incredible Robert Bortuzzo Jersey. Frye joined Tommes - Brasso became the only two in the history of penguins in a single season to get 40 wins goalkeeper. In the 2011-12 season, Frye in the regular season to get 42 victories, registered 91.3% of the fighting rate, but to the playoffs, Fryei has fallen to the bottom, perhaps because last year by lightning to beat three consecutive games Reason, Flemish who had led the penguin twice into the finals of the patron saint collapsed. That year the playoffs Frye and penguins in the first round by the same country's sworn enemy Philadelphia Flying team in the first round kicked out of the playoffs Maxim Lapierre Jersey, and Frye's fighting rate is only 83.4%, even lose the ball even have High of 4.63 Since then Bryan Rust Jersey, Frye's three-season playoff nightmare has really begun. Dallas star announced this morning that the 35-year-old striker will be under hip surgery on Wednesday, while the team is given 4-5 months of recovery time. It is reported that this is Sharp's five-year contract last year, this season his salary is $ 5.9 million. According to the NHL official website reported that the star team general manager Jim - Neil said: "We will let him undergo surgery, the wound healing, in the resumption of training and then observe his situation.We have talked to him Ben Lovejoy Jersey, if the comeback, He also wants to sign the Las Vegas star, he is a star team.